Nera Plants

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Nera Animal and Nera Water have been created for a wide range of applications in the agricultural sector.

In general, those liquids in their pure form serve as disinfectats and hygieniziation products for liquids, living beings and surfaces of diverse nature.

In addition to this, Nera-Tec has developed a new, more efficient concept for the application directly on plants. The combination of Nera-Solution with fine-grained zeolite ensures an ideal effect on treated plants. On the one hand the solution leads to enhanced attachment of the liquid on the plants which distinctly improves the disinfection efficacy. On the other hand, the fine-grained zeolite, due to its high mineral content and its extremely high surface area, which ensures an ideal nutrient release, is an excellent supplier of vital substances for the plants. In this way, growth of plants is even further promoted and resistability against diseases and infections is greatly enhanced.

  • Fields of application

    Nera-Solution Plants is suited for use with

    • fruit
    • vegetables
    • cereal
    • Green areas
    • Seeds
    • Cut flowers


    Nera-Solution Plants for agriculture is very versatile:


    Storage of seeds

    Disinfection of seeds before storage for longer storability


    Spreading of seeds

    Disinfection of seeds before sowing for better emergence (more seeds sprout and more regular germination)


    Protection of Plants on the Field

    Spraying of plants on the field prevents them from bacterial and fungal infestation (e. g. Fusaria)


    Enrichment of Vital Substances in Plants on the Field

    Spraying of plants on the field for enrichment of vital substances and thus enhancement of yield and growth



    Disinfection of silage so that subsequent application of lactic acid bacteria can be drastically reduced
    Processing Industry

    The Nera-Solutions series can be used for manifold applications in the processing industry for agricultural products (e. g. product disinfection, surface disinfection …).


    Nera-Solution Water is used for:


    Irrigation Systems & Reservoirs



    Decomposition of biofilms and disinfection of water in pipelines and sprinkling devices of irrigation systems as well as in reservoirs.

  • Organic agriculture

    The regulation (EC) No 834/2007 of 28 June 2007 as well as regulation (EC) No 889/2008 of 5 September 2008 laying down rules for the implementation and implementing regulation 2016/673 of 29 April 2016 on organic production and labelling of organic products contain specific guidelines for organic plant production.

    Organic plant production does not use monocultures. Moreover, the use of chemically synthesized products such as fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, artificial fertilizers, growth regulators and antibiotics as well as genetically engineered means and products is not permitted.

    In middle Europe, we predominantly need to deal with humid climate. Therefore, it is very hard to cultivate fruit and vegetables without fungicides. In case of guidelines of organic agriculture, no artificial fungicides are allowed. Only copper and Sulphur compounds (sometimes also plant oil & lecithin) are applied. Copper, however, has a higher eco-toxicity than many fungicides used in conventional agriculture. Cooper has the water hazard class 2. It is very toxic for water organisms and can lead to toxic long-term effects in bodies of water. Studies show that copper can damage the liver of workers in the wine industry.

    In contrast to common fungicides in the organic agriculture, Nera-Solution Plants, as plant auxiliary substance, is completely water-based and consists of 99.5 % water. It is ecologically and biologically completely harmless since it is produced from ordinary salt and water only and decomposes into hon-hazardous substances water, salt and oxygen again after application.

    Nera-Solution Plants is therefore 100% biologically degradable and is perfectly applicable and fit for organic agriculture.

    On the basis of the calculation method in (EG) Nr. 1272/2008 (CLP act) in the most recent valid version, the product is not classified as hazardous substance and therefore is not subject to marking. Special security measures do not apply.

    The product is no hazardous substance according to ordinance of hazardous substances (GefStVo).
    There exists no water hazard class.

  • Advantages

    Broadband, Safe and Without Resistances

    Pathogens are killed broadband as well as safe and fast without resistances


    Organic Agriculture

    The liquid is completely water-based and consists of around 99.5% water. It is biologically and ecologically harmless, is 100% biologically degradable and is therefore perfectly applicable and fit for organic agriculture.


    Lower Usage of Toxic Substances

    Due to preventive usage of Nera-Solution products, the application of toxic substances (e. g. fungicides) can be drastically reduced.


    Better Quality and Storability of Seeds

    Due to treatment of seeds before storage, the storability can be prolonged. Furthermore, the seeds need not be treated with toxic substances (e. g. fungicides).


    Better Quality of Silage

    Treatment of clippings can drastically reduce the application of lactic acid bacteria for the fermentation process. Thus the odour and the quality of the silage is enhanced. The animals receive germ-free, high quality fodder.


    Enhancement of Milk Products

    Less lactic acid bacteria lead to better taste of cheese.


    Enhancement of Milk Quality

    Better water quality (less germ load) leads to better milk quality.


    Regular, fast and increased Germination

    Treatment of seeds with Nera-Solution leads to increased, faster and more regular sprouting. The emergence sometimes happens within one day. Reason for this is, that the seed or sprout needs less energy for the fight against diseases.


    Higher Yield

    The yield of organic agriculture can be raised by 30 to 50 % so that yields of pilot farms can approach those of farms with conventional agricultural operation. The seed, the sprout and the plants need less energy for the fight against diseases and thus can grow better or more productive respectively.


    Less Diseases (e. g. fungal infestation)

    Due to treatment of plants with Nera-Solution they grow more vital and healthier. The vulnerability to diseases such as fungal infestation for instance decreases drastically.


    Germ-reduced Litter

    Treatment of clippings with Nera-Solution leads to germ-reduced litter. This decreases the germ load of lying surfaces of livestock for instance and hence reduces the probability for udder infections.


    Usage of Own Seeds

    Due to the improvement of seed quality the usage of one’s own seeds becomes more attractive. The seeds have better quality and are germ-free.



    Enhancement of Cereal Quality

    The application of Nera-Solution products increases the quality of flour (according to amylograms and falling number).

  • Product properties

    Nera Plants acts

    • bactericidal,
    • sporocidal,
    • fungizicidal (& levurocidal) as well as
    • virucidal.

    and removes biofilms.

    Nera Plants acts

    • broadband
    • safe and fast as well as
    • without resistances.


    Nera Plants is completely water-based and consists of around 99.5% water. It is environmentally friendly (ecologically harmless) and is 100% biologically degradable.

    Nera Plants is

    • free from alcohol
    • free from aldehydes
    • free from phenols
    • free from solvents
    • free from fragrances
    • colorless
    • free from additives
    • antiallergic and
    • pH-neutral.


    The basic components, products as well as decomposition products are

    • ecologically and biologically harmless,
    • not flammable,
    • not explosive and
    • not dangerous to health.
  • Dosing & Application

    Dosing: see technical datasheet
    Kind of application: see technical datasheet
    Duration of application: see technical datasheet

    With respect to the legal guidelines in Austria and Germany as well as technical product specifications please refer to the Technical Datasheets.

    With respect to questions concerning the product safety please refer to the product safety datasheet.

  • Range of products

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