Nera Care & Protect

Information and details.

The Nera Care & Protect series has been specifically developed for applications with the human body and articles of daily use as well as everyday situations. Thus, the product family can ensure the ideal solution for every situation in everyday life. Due to the fact that the liquid is pH (skin) neutral, it is mild to the skin and acts gently on delicate everyday objects.

  • Fields of application

    Nera Care & Protect is suited, among others, for the following purposes:

    1. hand disinfection
    2. foot care
    3. skin care
    4. nails
    5. on the go
    6. the handbag
    7. the car
    8. the suitcase
    9. Electronics (e.g. smartphones, tablets, keyboards…)
    10. Toilette requisites (e.g. toothbrush)
  • Product properties

    Nera Care & Protect acts

    • bactericidal,
    • sporocidal,
    • fungizicidal (& levurocidal) as well as
    • virucidal.

    and removes biofilms.

    Nera Care & Protect acts

    • broadband
    • safe and fast as well as
    • without resistances.


    Nera Care & Protect is completely water-based and consists of around 99.5% water. It is environmentally friendly (ecologically harmless) and is 100% biologically degradable.
    Nera Care & Protect is

    • free from alcohol
    • free from aldehydes
    • free from phenols
    • free from solvents
    • free from fragrances
    • colorless
    • free from additives
    • antiallergic and
    • pH-neutral.


    The basic components, products as well as decomposition products are

    • ecologically and biologically harmless,
    • not flammable,
    • not explosive and
    • not dangerous to health.
  • Dosing & Application

    Dosing: see technical datasheet
    Kind of Application: extensive coverage of whole surface; see technical datasheet
    Duration of Application: see technical datasheet

    With respect to the legal guidelines in Austria and Germany as well as technical product specifications please refer to the Technical Datasheets.

    With respect to questions concerning the product safety please refer to the product safety datasheet.

  • Range of products

    Art.No.Quantity [l]ContentName
    301.100.5050CClean & Go
    301.100.250250CClean & Go
    304.100.50250CSmartphone & Tablet
    305.100.500500CCare & Protect
    305.100.10001000CCare & Protect

    Content: C… Concentrate; W… Working solution