Nera Animals

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Nera Solution Animal and Nera Solution Water have been created for a wide range of applications in the agricultural sector.

In general, those liquids in their pure form serve as disinfectats and hygieniziation products for liquids, living beings and surfaces of diverse nature.

For applications concerning bees, however, a new concept has been developed. The combination of Nera-Solution and fine-grained zeolite ensures an ideal effect on the treated bees.

  • Fields of application

    Nera Animals is suited, among others, for the following purposes:

    • poultry (chicken, goose…)
    • Hoofed animals (pigs, cattle…)
    • Bees
    • pets
    • Fish

    Nera-Solution Animals for agriculture is very versatile:


    Indoor air

    Removal of harmful pathogens from indoor air


    Animal Diseases and Infections

    Treatment of problems with offals such as respiratory, digestive or skin diseases. The liquid can be used for drinking purposes, food preparation or spraying solutions for animals that show symptoms of such diseases. The improvement can normally be expected within 24 hours. One can name diarrhea as an example.

    Other possible application possibilities are the treatment of hoof diseases as well as udder and uterine infections.


    Animal Products

    Example 1: Treatment of fresh eggs. It is recommended to wash the eggs or lay them in the liquid for around 2 minutes and let them dry afterwards. Studies show that the disinfectant can remove microbes such as Staphylococcus Aureus, Salmonella Tiphymurium und Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and thereby prolong the storability of the eggs.

    Example 2: Bacterial load of milk. Due to preventive treatment of bovine udders or treatment during infections the number of bacteria in the milk can be significantly reduced.



    Decontamination of staff in special locks


    Animal Feed

    Reduction of pathogenic content in animal feed through spraying/misting


    Animal Care

    The Nera product is very well-suited for pet care. Notable uses are wound care and care of the fur.
    Veterinary Medicine

    The liquid can be used in veterinary medicine for wound care and for treatment of different diseases such as problems with the digestive tract or the respiratory system.


    Processing Industry

    The Nera-Solutions series can be used for manifold applications in the processing industry for agricultural products (e. g. product disinfection, surface disinfection …).



    Nera-Solution Water is used for treatment of:


    Drinking Water

    Elimination of harmful pathogens and microbes in water supplies and watering places


    Process Water

    Elimination of biofilms in water-bearing pipelines



    The disinfection of the breeding environment can either be accomplished by simple washing or by spraying/misting. Studies have shown that spraying is more efficient, especially with large surface areas.

    Since the liquid is not toxic, there is no need to remove the poultry during the disinfection process. The procedure needs to be repeated regularly.

  • Organic agriculture

    The regulation (EC) No 834/2007 of 28 June 2007 as well as regulation (EC) No 889/2008 of 5 September 2008 laying down rules for the implementation and implementing regulation 2016/673 of 29 April 2016 on organic production and labelling of organic products contain specific guidelines for organic livestock production.

    With the exception of vaccinations, treatments for parasites and compulsory eradication schemes where an animal or group of animals receive more than three courses of treatments with chemically-synthesized allopathic veterinary medicinal products or antibiotics within 12 months, or more than one course of treatment if their productive lifecycle is less than one year, the livestock concerned, or produce derived from them, may not be sold as organic products.

    As a preventive measure as well as for treatment of diseases and infections, Nera-Solution Animals can be used as a biological and ecological alternative to chemically-synthesized veterinary medicinal products or antibiotics.

    In contrast to chemically-synthesized veterinary medicinal products or antibiotics, Nera-Solution Animals is completely water-based and consists of 99.5 % water. It is ecologically and biologically completely harmless since it is produced from ordinary salt and water only and decomposes into hon-hazardous substances water, salt and oxygen again after application. Nera-Solution Animals is therefore 100% biologically degradable and is perfectly applicable and fit for organic agriculture.

    On the basis of the calculation method in (EG) Nr. 1272/2008 (CLP act) in the most recent valid version, the product is not classified as hazardous substance and therefore is not subject to marking. Special security measures do not apply.

    The product is no hazardous substance according to ordinance of hazardous substances (GefStVo).
    There exists no water hazard class.

  • Advantages

    With regard to livestock production the following advantages of Nera-Solution Animals can be listed:


    Broadband, Safe and without Resistances

    Pathogens are killed broadband as well as safe and fast without resistances


    Organic Agriculture

    The liquid is completely water-based and consists of around 99.5% water. It is biologically and ecologically harmless, is 100% biologically degradable and is therefore perfectly applicable and fit for organic agriculture.


    Lower Mortality & Miscarriages

    The mortality rate is as much as 50% lower. Miscarriages are significantly reduced.


    Lower Use of Medication

    The use of medication can be reduced by up to 50%.


    Better Growth & Metabolic Development

    The growth is accelerated and metabolic development is enhanced since animals consume less energy for fighting off diseases and infections.

    The live weight is increased.


    Control & Prevention of Diseases

    There are less problems with diseases such as those of the respiratory system, the digestive tract or the skin. The liquid can also be effectively used in case of diseases of the hoofs.


    Better Meat Quality

    Besides financial savings the product keeps animals in good health. This leads to better quality of meat for the consumers. Reason for this are, among other factors, less stressful situations (due to less diseases and infections).

    The animals are livelier and more resistant.


    Better GMQ Index

    Use of Nera-Solution Animals leads to better GMQ (gain moyen quotidien) Index, i.e. the animals eat better and gain more weight.


    Better FCR

    The FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio) gets better.


    Better PEF

    The PEF (Production Efficiency Factor) rises.


    Enhanced Yield of Animal Products

    Udder infections can be treated or avoided which leads to a better milk production (due to lower bacteria loading) and to increased revenue.

    The size and storability of chicken eggs can be increased. An effective protection against salmonella is possible.

  • Product properties

    Nera Animals acts

    • bactericidal,
    • sporocidal,
    • fungizicidal (& levurocidal) as well as
    • virucidal.

    and removes biofilms.

    Nera Animals acts

    • broadband
    • safe and fast as well as
    • without resistances.


    Nera Animals is completely water-based and consists of around 99.5% water. It is environmentally friendly (ecologically harmless) and is 100% biologically degradable.

    Nera Animals is

    • free from alcohol
    • free from aldehydes
    • free from phenols
    • free from solvents
    • free from fragrances
    • colorless
    • free from additives
    • antiallergic and
    • pH-neutral.


    The basic components, products as well as decomposition products are

    • ecologically and biologically harmless,
    • not flammable,
    • not explosive and
    • not dangerous to health.
  • Dosing & Application

    Dosing: see technical datasheet
    Kind of application: see technical datasheet
    Duration of application: see technical datasheet

    With respect to the legal guidelines in Austria and Germany as well as technical product specifications please refer to the Technical Datasheets.

    With respect to questions concerning the product safety please refer to the product safety datasheet.

  • Range of products

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    ANISTEB 1401 / 10StablesProduct sheet
    ANICELL 61010CattleProduct sheet
    ANICELL 62010PigProduct sheet
    ANICELL 63010ChickenProduct sheet
    VETCELL 790150mlWound careProduct sheet
    ACIDOS REVERSE 7205Acid base balance horseProduct sheet


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