Natural products

Without additives.
Simply natural.


Nera-Solutions makes use of the above mentioned mode of action from nature. Our production process is guided by processes which nature has developed throughout millions of years for the combat against microorganisms. Our body is using such defense mechanisms million-fold every single second. The production of Nera liquids can thus be seen as a biomimetic procedure which takes up the idea of mode of action and protection of multicellular living beings and delivers nature-based, biological disinfecting liquids.

Therefore, our products are organic and totally harmless in toxicological terms.



Economically and environmentally friendly

The products of the Nera-Desinfect and Nera-Solution series are totally water-based and contain around 99,5% water. They are environmentally friendly (ecologically harmless) and are 100% biologically degradable.

Our disinfectants are

  • free from alcohol
  • free from aldehydes
  • free from phenols
  • free from solvents
  • colorless
  • free from additives
  • antiallergic and
  • pH-neutral.

Our basic components, disinfectants and decomposition products are totally harmless from the ecological point of view. The product originates from natural products like water and salt in presence of electrical fields and decomposes ultimately into water, salt and oxygen.

Safe & easy

Since the basic components, products and decomposition products are

  • ecologically and biologically harmless,
  • not flammable,
  • not explosive and
  • not dangerous to health

there is secure and easy

  • transport,
  • storage,
  • production,
  • usage,
  • disposal,
  • personal protective measures as well as
  • environmental protective measures

in case of correct application. There is no need for protective clothing in case of proper handling of liquids. Post treatment and cleaning after application of the disinfectant is not necessary.

Multicellular living beings like humans and animals are – as discussed above – protected from the mode of action of our disinfectants by complex antioxidant protection systems.

On the basis of the calculation method in (EG) Nr. 1272/2008 (CLP act) in the most recent valid version, the product is not classified as hazardoussubstance and therefore is not subject to marking. Special security measures do not apply.

The product is no hazardous substance according to ordinance of hazardous substances (GefStVo).
There exists no water hazard class.

A detailed description of handling procedures can be found in the security datasheets.