Economical products

Without additives.
Simply natural.

Effective, broadband & no resistences

The Nera products are highly efficient against

  • bacteria (bactericidal)
  • spores (sporocidal)
  • fungi (fungicidal and levurocidal) und
  • viruses (virucidal).

Moreover, Nera products are highly effective for removal of biofilms. Mould spots and odours are efficiently combatted.

Due to the unique and highly oxidizing cocktail of active agents, which is produced and stabilized by an electrochemical process and which cannot be reproduced by common chemical methods, microorganisms are rendered harmless

  • broadband
  • fast & secure
  • without resistances.

The action potential of such liquids can be displayed and quantified by a worldwide renowned physical measurement method, the determination of the oxidation-reduction-potential (ORP).

The following figure shows the ORP in relation to the pH-value and envisions a „survival sphere“ for microorganisms. Within the blue area, microorganisms are able to survive. The limits for survival needs to be assessed for every group of microbes individually though.

Due to the highly oxidative power of the cocktail of active agents, Nera products deliver an environment which lies far outside and beyond this biosphere (see the orange dot as an example). Therefore bacteria are neither to survive nor can they form resistances.

Flexible & optimized

Due to the above described unique properties of the cocktail of agents, Nera-Solutions can provide its clients in different market segments with especially customized solutions that are optimized according to the different applications and needs.

Basically, the following fields of application can be distinguished:

  • Agricultural industry (animal and plant farming)
  • Meat processing industry
  • Drinking water disinfection (including biofilm removal)
  • Sanitary sector (pools, sauna, pipelines etc.)
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Pet treatment and veterinary applications
  • Medical sector (surface and hand disinfection, wound care)
  • Care and fostering sector
  • Sports sector
  • Beverage and food industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Tourism & Hotel industry
  • Ventilation industry

Economic & dynamic

Our company dynamically attends to our clients’ needs. Together with our clients we develop the most attractive financial and procedural models und thereby help to save costs from the very first day on.

We deliver loose products in all sorts of package units as well as generators, which can produce the products in situ if required.

Company logistics allows the delivery of few liters up to several cubic meters of liquid. For this purpose, all sorts of container systems for bottling are available. Also, OEM products can be processed anytime.

For clients with constantly high need for disinfectants, Nera-Tec together with partners has developed a user-friendly, application-specific device series. Our devices The implementation of our devices into existing facilities is possible with only little efforts. Usually no renovations on site are necessary. Our devices stand our due to low operating and maintenance costs.


In agriculture, for instance, our products can be combined with other biological procedures:

By means of cluster size modulation we are able to enhance the absorption of liquids by animals and plants. This means that less water resources are used and that nature is protected.

Due to enrichment of biological vital substances we are able to raise the yield of plant as well as animal farming and at the same time, in a biological way, make for healthier plants and animals.


Our disinfectants can be used in all sorts of different ways. Mayor application possibilites encompass

  1. Spot disinfection with mechanical cleaning (scrubbing or wiping)
  2. Spot disinfection without mechanical cleaning
  3. Cold spraying
  4. Inline-Dosing