Biological desinfection from nature

Without additives.
Simply natural.

Biological desinfection from nature

An „ideal“ product for control of microbes should fulfill the following principles:

  1. The antimicrobial agent should possess a wide spectrum of antimicrobial activity.
  2. An effective elimination of bacteria, mycobacteria, viruses, fungi and spores regardless of the duration and frequency of application and is required which ultimately means that the product has properties which prevent microorganisms from forming resistances.
  3. The antimicrobial agent must be safe for humans and animals concerning production as well as transport, storage and usage. This means that the agent and its natural decomposition products, which develop due to influences of environmental factors or processes in living beings, should not comprise xenobiotics.

Nature has formed an antimicrobial protection, which has been active in the internal setting of humans and animals throughout millions of years without ever having failed its purpose.

Within fractions of a second a highly oxidative cocktail of oxygen-, hydrogen- and chlorine-based radicals is formed in the small volume of phagosomes in immune cells through decomposition reactions and transformations.

The following figure schematically shows how the cocktail of active agents is used to render pathogenic microbes harmless in the phagosomes of immune cells.


The metastable mixture of components of the cocktail of active agents, which are formed during the phagocytosis of immune cells, destroys very efficiently microorganisms because there exists a magnitude of possibilities for spontaneous combination of agents for induction of irreversible damage to vital functions at the level of electron transfer reactions. Because of the complex physicochemical properties of the cocktail of agents, microbes are not able to form resistances.

At the same time, multicellular living beings such as humans and animals, are protected from the mechanism of action of the cocktail of agents due to fundamental differences in the structure and living conditions of somatic cells. Somatic cells possess powerful chemical systems for antioxidant protection, which save them from the effect of the cocktail of radicals.