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In the context of globalization and industrialization processes of the past decades, the need for disinfectants and disinfection methods has steadily been growing bigger. Today we are confronted with fundamental challenges in this market:

  1. Themassive use of antibiotics and specialized disinfecting agents as well as their improper usage has led to more and more resistances of microorganisms.
  2. The massive application of disinfecting chemicals puts great strain on the environment and organisms. Regulating agencies all over the world discuss the restriction of usage of dangerous chemicals.
  3. The spreading of pathogens becomes wider and faster due to the ever growing interconnection of the world. Authorities and international organizations search for new concepts for the containment of the pathogens.
  4. Highly specialized industries see the rising need for controlled production environments. This goes hand in hand with the control of contaminations through micro particles and microorganisms.

The market and society are both looking for approaches to solutions which

  • protect the environment
  • prevent formation of resistances of pathogens
  • save resources for production
  • save costs
  • provide secure handling for humans during production, storage, application and disposal
  • are tailor-made for specific application areas
  • provide easy usage
  • allow centralized and decentralized production.

Thus it is not enough to introduce new products and solutions but to make sure at the same time, that the application of the product be as user-friendly, easy and secure as possible to provide a fast and extensive market penetration.

Nera-Tec is a carrier of technology and service provider which is, together with its partners, dedicated to providing above mentioned topics through introduction of complete product and service packages.